February 20, 2017

Wedding Photography Pennyroyal Valley, Victoria | Estelle & George

Country Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Pennyroyal Valley, Victoria | Estelle & George

Travelling on the Otways, on outskirts of the Great Ocean Road, there is the small township of Pennyroyal. And today, hidden within these beautiful coastal bushes, something spectacular was happening.

From the moment I arrived at the King Parrot Cottages, inland of Lorne, I could see the place was completely alive. George, his groomsmen and collection of helpful working hands were in an energetic swing. The last touches for the ceremony were just being completed. Chairs were being put in place, rustic native flowers were laid preparing this dream-like bushland scene. After meeting George and exploring the property, I could tell everything was on well on track. When the groom is smiling with time for a quick drink of Pimms with family and the groomsmen, you know it’s all going to be fine.

As I walked over to see the bride Estelle, the atmosphere rang identical. Laughter resonated in the room as I walked in to find Estelle surrounded by the beautiful smiles of her bridesmaids. Seeing all love of friends and family around her, I knew today’s wedding would be spectacular.

A wedding spectacular for many reasons.

Putting the visuals of this beautiful country wedding aside, there was something even greater here. Celebrating not only their own love each other; Estelle and George were sharing a truly genuine love those that mean the world to them — A love reflected back completely, by those who have travelled across the world to be there.

As the hidden sunset drew to a close, the warmth in the room stayed strong. As I take a step back to look at the people around Estelle & George, listening to the speeches, seeing the smiling faces, its amazing to see how much of an incredible impact these two have had. And it is exactly that, spectacular.

Thank you Estelle & George.

Tanya : 09:52 October 8, 2017 Reply
Hi, I am planning my wedding for the 2nd December in Daylesford. I'm keen to know if you are available and details of your prices/packages please. Much appreciated, Tanya

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