Emma & Liam’s Wedding | Barwon Heads Wedding Photography.

When Emma and her partner Liam first contacted me, I knew that this would be one unforgettable wedding. We discussed the finer details over coffee, and I was left beaming with excitement. Their day would be truly magical. Emma & Liam are one of the happiest and loveliest couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Emma is also one of the most talented creatives I’ve met (you can see all her stunning crafts below, including the bridesmaid’s dresses – amazing!).  I could see how important wedding photography was to both of them. Not only was I incredibly honoured that they wanted me as their photographer, but completely ecstatic that I could share their story.

Ceremony – Oakdene Vineyards, Barwon Heads

Emma & Liam’s wedding was held in the lush and dreamlike grounds of Oakdene Vineyards, Barwon Heads. Nestled neatly behind the grapevines, was an old and once forgotten barnyard shed. Rustic and raw, eclectic bric-a-brac was dotted throughout the scene – a bowerbird’s nest of beautiful colour and design. Thanks to the talents of Emma & Liam, this once forgotten barnyard breathed a new life of its own. As the crowds of families and friends rolled in, the room lit up with excitement and anticipation. As Emma made her way down the aisle with her father, the room was quiet but the crowd’s faces told reflected so much.  There was so much love for these two people.

I’ve shot a lot of weddings since Emma & Liam’s amazing day. Looking back at the images, it makes me realise how much these two really stuck with me. The laughter. The love for family and friends.  Its been a year and a half down since I started my journey, I am completely blown away by opportunities I’ve been given. It’s people like Emma & Liam, that make me so ever grateful that I am here doing what I love.

Emma's Bridal Shoes & Dress, Drysdale Home Emma Getting Ready 1 - Drysdale Home Emma Getting Ready 2 - Drysdale Home Emma Getting Ready 3 - Drysdale Home Handcrafted wedding bow tie & bridal flowers EmmaOakdene Vineyards, Barwon Heads Wedding Tansport, Barwon Heads Liam Getting Ready 1 - Barwon Heads Victoria Liam Getting Ready 2 - Barwon Heads Victoria Liam and Groomsmen - Barwon Heads Victoria Emma putting wedding dress on - Drysdale Home, Victoria Emma putting wedding dress on 2 - Drysdale Home, Victoria Emma putting wedding dress on 3 - Drysdale Home, Victoria Father of the Bride - Reaction Emma and BridesmaidsWedding Cars at Oakdene Bridesmaids and VW Oakdene Rustic Setting Emma walking down with father First glance - Emma & Liam Hands at ceremony Father of the bride - Oakdene Vineyards First Kiss - Emma & Liam's WeddingEmma & Liam - Couples Walk, Oakdene Vineyards, Wallington Emma & Liam - Couples Walk, Oakdene Vineyards 2, Wallington In the vineydards - Oakdene Winery, Victoria In the Gardens - Oakdene Vineyards Wallington GardensSillhouette of Emma & LiamEmma & Liams Bridal Group - Barwon Heads BeachEmma & Liam at Barwon Heads Beach, Victoria Emma & Liam at Barwon Heads Beach 2, Victoria Emma & Liam at Barwon Heads Beach 3, Victoria Emma & Liam - Couple Walk Emma & Liam - Couple Walk 2emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_01 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_02 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_03 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_04 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_05 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_06 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_07 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_08 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_09 emma-liam-wedding-reception-barwon-heads-gc_10

Wedding Ceremony: Oakdene Vineyards Restaurant & Cellar Door, Wallington Victoria
Wedding Reception: Barwon Heads Golf Club, Barwon Heads, Victoria


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Some seriously gorgeous shots here!

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