April 18, 2012

Catheryn & Mick’s Wedding – Kilmore, Victoria

Full Wedding

Catheryn & Mick’s Wedding Photography – Wallan & Kilmore, Victoria

Just a quick turn from the Northern highway, lies Kilmore & Wallan, Victoria. Small, yet inviting townships nestled contently between the golden hills of farming life and the mountainous backdrop of the Great Dividing Range.

To me, Wallan & Kilmore means so much. The relaxed people, the sense of community and most of all the beautiful untouched landscapes only a few steps away. Back when I was in university – young, broke and in-love – I would drive through the surrounding towns of the Macedon Ranges, always looking back, pondering the idea of this ‘small’ town being part of my big picture. All I can say is, I’m half way there.

When I first met with Catheryn and Mick at her Wallan Hair Salon, I was already determined to be part of this wedding, and I think they knew it. After receiving the approval I was left beaming, their day sounded perfect. Getting ready in Romsey, the ceremony at a homestead in Upper Plenty and the reception in Kilmore. Once the day arrived, I was left in complete awe, the homestead views were truly indescribable, complemented perfectly with the  glorious sunshine.

Spending close to 12 hours photographing the beautiful couple, family and friends- I was reaffirmed on why I love this town and its amazing people. See you all soon.

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 1 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 2 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 3 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 5 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 6 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Before the Ceremony 2

Before the Ceremony 3

Before the Ceremony 4

Before the Ceremony 5\

Before the Ceremony 6

Before the Ceremony 7
Before the Ceremony 8
Before the Ceremony 9
Before the Ceremony 10
Before the Ceremony 11
Before the Ceremony 12
Before the Ceremony 13

Reception at Australiana 1
Reception at Australiana 2
Reception at Australiana 3
Reception at Australiana 4
Reception at Australiana 5
Reception at Australiana 6
Reception at Australiana 7
Catheryn & Mick - Group Shot

Kay : 06:00 March 17, 2014 Reply
Kathryn wedding looked great photo are fantastic where was her venue
    Adam : 21:57 March 17, 2014 Reply
    Thanks so much Kay. The reception was held just on the outskirts of Kilmore (Wandong) at the Australiana.

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