My wedding photography approach,
my shooting style and my beliefs.

Wedding Photography Approach

My Wedding Photography Approach.

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

You deserve to enjoy every moment with the people you love, without the distraction of untamed photographers blaring cameras wildly in your face. You want to remember the real moments, not forced and overly posed images that you’ll look back and cringe at.

This is why my shooting style is photojournalistic,  natural and intimate. It’s It is about taking a step back and capturing an authentic flow of the day, but also illustrating the raw emotions of your day.

I want to capture authenticity, blended with art and emotion, creating a collection of work for you that is not only memorable but remarkable. An emotional story of love that brings back real memories, whether it’s straight after your honeymoon, on your 20-year anniversary, or flicking through your album with your kids.

Wedding Photography Approach - Beechworth Wedding Photography

My Beliefs.

You are a person, not a payment. When we meet for the first time,  you’ll find that kindness, love and family are all important values to me. This is why I’ll be there to help you with any needs in the lead up to your wedding day. And most especially, on your wedding day. Going through my own wedding, I understand it all can get a bit stressful from times. So anything that makes your day easier, I’ll be there for you. If that means teaching the groomsman how to tie a windsor knot before the ceremony or driving your mum to the chapel because the car broke down. I’ll be there to not only photograph these true moments, but to be there for you, your family and take out any worries.

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My Promises.

Your amazing wedding is over and you’re already on that well deserved honeymoon. Rest well knowing your images will be waiting for you as soon as you get back, with small glimpses along the way. Together, we can go through and put together the perfect set of photos for you and your family. With Wedding Photography Packages with beautifully hand-bound album collections, we can tailor a perfect keepsake for you and families. Whether you need a precious gift for your mum and dad, or beautiful fine art piece for your wall. Everything can be organised for you at any stage.

If you’re currently proposing, engaged, renewing vows or just simply in love. I’d love to chat with you.
Just give me a call on 0403 616 409 or send me a message.