Catheryn & Mick’s Wedding | Country Wedding Photography – Wallan & Kilmore, Victoria

Just a quick turn from the Northern highway, lies Kilmore & Wallan, Victoria. Small, yet inviting townships nestled contently between the golden hills of farming life and the mountainous backdrop of the Great Dividing Range.

To me, Wallan & Kilmore means so much. The relaxed people, the sense of community and most of all the beautiful untouched landscapes only a few steps away. Back when I was in university – young, broke and in-love – I would drive through the surrounding towns of the Macedon Ranges, always looking back, pondering the idea of this ‘small’ town being part of my big picture. All I can say is, I’m half way there.

When I first met with Catheryn and Mick at her Wallan Hair Salon, I was already determined to be part of this wedding, and I think they knew it. After receiving the approval I was left beaming, their day sounded perfect. Getting ready in Romsey, the ceremony at a homestead in Upper Plenty and the reception in Kilmore. Once the day arrived, I was left in complete awe, the homestead views were truly indescribable, complemented perfectly with the  glorious sunshine.

Spending close to 12 hours photographing the beautiful couple, family and friends- I was reaffirmed on why I love this town and its amazing people. See you all soon.

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 1 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 2 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 3 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 5 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Getting Ready - Hair & Makeup 6 - Catheryn & Mick's Wedding

Before the Ceremony 2

Before the Ceremony 3

Before the Ceremony 4

Before the Ceremony 5\

Before the Ceremony 6

Before the Ceremony 7
Before the Ceremony 8
Before the Ceremony 9
Before the Ceremony 10
Before the Ceremony 11
Before the Ceremony 12
Before the Ceremony 13

Reception at Australiana 1
Reception at Australiana 2
Reception at Australiana 3
Reception at Australiana 4
Reception at Australiana 5
Reception at Australiana 6
Reception at Australiana 7
Catheryn & Mick - Group Shot


Kathryn wedding looked great photo are fantastic where was her venue

Thanks so much Kay. The reception was held just on the outskirts of Kilmore (Wandong) at the Australiana.

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