What an incredible story to tell. It’s hard to know where to start with Amy & Alex’s amazing wedding day.

One thing that it’s quintessentially clear – Together, these two are destined for great things. It warms my heart to see two incredible people, so genuine, so caring, so in love. To photograph their wedding day was an honour, but hearing their inspiring story undeniably makes you appreciate family, love and to revel in every moment of it.

The morning began catching up with Alex and the boys for breakfast. However moments after arriving, Alex steps me aside and says “You need to see the girls…” smiling ear to ear “…We’ve got a surprise for Amy.” And what a surprise it was.

As I arrived at the Mansfield Regional Produce Store, the cafe was packed. In the corner of my eye, I see Amy’s brother and Alex’s best friend roll up with a guitar in one hand and flowers in the other. As everyone stood in wonder of the events taking place, the serenade had begun. Singing the lyrics to Adam Sandler’s ‘Grow Old With You’ from the Wedding Singer, the once bustling cafe audience quietly stood in complete amazement and awe. There wasn’t a table in sight that didn’t have someone with tears in their eyes. It was only 10:00 am and I was already captivated and excited for the rest of the day to come.

The ceremony was set within the gardens of their country home, Mansfield, Victoria, it was evident to see how busy Alex & Amy had been. With hard work and the helping hands of family and friends, their long-anticipated vision had truly been brought to life. One step into the gardens was like stepping into romantic painting – vintage dressers, old furniture, ornate mirrors and hanging tea lights were daubed throughout the scene, as the light-play of the summer sun fell across the dam and trees. It was magic.

As the ceremony took place, I couldn’t help but smile knowing how lucky I was to be part of it all, sharing it with these two wondrous people and supporting families. It’s been close to a year since I started this amazing adventure into wedding photography, Amy & Alex reaffirms everything I adore about it. Thank you.

Another big thank you goes out to my beautiful partner Michelle, who helped me photograph Amy & Alex’s wedding, (her photos are throughout the blog) It is an absolute blessing to do this with you and have you here, alongside me.

Breakfast with Bridesmaids at the Mansfield Regional Produce Store The Providor, Mansfield Wedding Victoria Waiting for breakfast at the Mansfield Regional Produce Store Special Singing request for Amy Wedding song at the Mansfield Regional Produce Store, Victoria Singing and guitar playing Adam Sandler's wedding song Amy wedding bride overwhelmed with joy Mansfield patrons and wedding parting hug in thanks for music Patrons at Mansfield's Regional Produce Store, clap with celebration for Amy and Alex A joyful hug between brother and sister Amy_Alex_Breakfast_12  Amy_Alex_Breakfast_14

Amy_Alex_GettingReady_01 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_02 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_03 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_04 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_05 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_07 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_08 Amy_Alex_GettingReady_09  Amy_Alex_Ceremony_01 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_02 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_03 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_04 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_05 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_06 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_07    Amy_Alex_Ceremony_11 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_12 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_13 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_14 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_15 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_16 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_17 Amy_Alex_Ceremony_18

Amy_Alex_Wedding_01 Amy_Alex_Wedding_02 Amy_Alex_Wedding_04 Amy_Alex_Wedding_05 Amy_Alex_Wedding_06 Amy_Alex_Wedding_07 Amy_Alex_Wedding_08 Amy_Alex_Wedding_09 Amy_Alex_Wedding_10 Amy_Alex_Wedding_11 Amy_Alex_Wedding_12 Amy_Alex_Wedding_13 Amy_Alex_Wedding_14 Amy_Alex_Wedding_15 Amy_Alex_Wedding_17 Amy_Alex_Wedding_18 Amy_Alex_Wedding_19

Getting Ready (Guys): Mansfield Providor / Mansfield Golf Course
Getting Ready (Girls): Mansfield Regional Produce Store / Mansfield Hotel
Ceremony Location: Barjarg, Victoria
Reception location: Barjarg, Victoria


Love these shots – especially the B/W of the little boy carrying the sign down the aisle to the groom – awesome!

Beautiful photos. I love the night shots with all the lights, they look really nice.

Adam, really digging these – Great work mate.

A big congrats to Amy and Alex; enjoy your beautiful images 🙂

Just perfect! Thank you so much Adam and Michelle – you’ve captured our day and the love the abounded so well. Looking over the photos I found myself getting as emotional as I was on my wedding morning. You’ve done a wonderful job.

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